History of Corinthians FC

“Corinthians” Football Club was formed in 1988 by a group of friends.
When the club was originally formed the name of the Club was intended to be ‘Westcliff Rangers’. However the name was not deemed acceptable by the committee  at the registration meeting as this was being used by another team. A new name was needed and with a spontaneous shout of “Corinthians!” the legend was born. We are all proud to be associated with Corinthians FC.
With now over 250 squad players in various age groups, the club boasts 12 Charter Standard teams and the ‘founding fathers’ would be delighted that many of the charitable aspects of the Club still remain.
Rumour has it that many of the original founders can sometimes be seen wandering across long abandoned pitches, when the sun is high in the sky. However as “reunions” have come and gone, search parties have been called off in the hunt for Shepsy, Mouse Morris, and Martin the Veg Man. As part of “Adopt a Donkey” week, the club finally formed a “2nd team” in 2007. Many a pre-season “interclub friendly” followed, whereby huge chucks of flesh as well as turf were taken.
In 2005 the club also formed a Vets team, introducing a weight for age restriction. However, due to technical difficulties, as well as manslaughter with diminished responsibilities, the vet’s team folded quicker than Darren Summerhayes’ wallet. The Vet’s team was then reformed after much request in 2014.
We are proud sponsors of The Essex and Herts Air Ambulance.