Fun and Games

"Thanks so much for another fab camp , George had the best time. " Kerry Morgan

Make new friends

"Henry has always thoroughly enjoyed the Corinthians camps and walks away at the end of each one with a big smile on his face (albeit a very tired one). His football skills have improved significantly, with enhanced precision in dribbling, passing, and shooting, alongside a newfound self-confidence. Beyond the skill development, Henry has forged lasting friendships with his fellow teammates thanks to the supportive environment created by the camp's coaching staff." Michaela

Quality coaching

"They were welcomed by the excellent coaches but more importantly by the rest of the players who were really friendly. They have all learnt so much will will help them as a team in training and matches" Sam's Dad

Learning new skills

“Jake has enjoyed making lots of new friends this week! He really enjoys the World Cup matches. The coaches are professional and friendly teaching lots of new skills, to bring to the game. Jake is really looking forward to the next camp” Laura Scotchford

Mini world cup

"Competitive games to put the new skills into action, great idea!" Gary Wheatley

Player of the week trophies

“Thank you so much for choosing Brayden for player of the week, he was over the moon with the trophy and voucher. He really enjoyed his time at camp this week, making new friends and catching up with old ones. Thank you so much to Gary, Karl and the boys for taking the time out to give him a fab half term, along with lots of new skills, it really is appreciated. Looking forward to the next one” Becky Hayter